Dog Behavior

Because We Really Care

A Dog's Got Personality?

You don't need us to tell you that your dog has a personality! But did you know that there are 12 identifiable personalities according to the Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index®?

The first do-it-yourself dog personality profiling system has just been released. The Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index has been developed to help address training and management issues found across 12 canine personality types.

The Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® divides dog behavior into 12 types based on three dimensions of interactive factors.

The result of years of research has produced an easy to use dog personality testing system. Available from this website as a game, the Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® asks you to answer 26 questions comparing 2 or 3 statements about your dog in each question.

This has enabled dog lovers everywhere to access information to understand each dog and solve training and management issues, or to simply better understand their canine companion and enjoy them more.

The dog-human bond is a beautiful, precious thing. We want to compliment this bond.

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