Dog The Test

Because We Really Care

Welcome to the Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® Game

Play this quick and easy game of solitaire to discover your dog's personality profile based on the ground breaking Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index®.

The game is best played by the person who is most familiar with the dog. Play for as many dogs as you wish but only for one dog at a time. There will be 26 choices to make.

Read all of the cards presented on the screen, then click on the card that best describes your dog's natural tendencies (rather than trained responses).

You may decide to re-choose a statement. You will have the chance to go back to the previous card if you wish.

Work through all of the cards, even if you have a hard time making some decisions.

When all of the cards have been played, you will receive a 3 letter score and access to the profile for your dog's personality type.

The final profiles are PDF documents which you can download. You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed to view these file.

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